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as I began to cross through the      what could have been an awkward
        central California landscape and     conversation, but it was open and
        desert that has always been a        very informative. It was as if I have
        favorite route of mine. Coincidently,   known Laura forever as she shared
        Carl Myers had also left that        about Brett, the accident and how
        morning with Brett’s hauler to       the family is coping with their
        make the long trip back to Kansas.   loss. Even now, Laura continues
        As if it was meant to be, Carl and I   to wear her wristband from the
        played “highway tag” throughout      event. She told me that Brett was
        the Mojave Desert and into the       uncharacteristically anxious before
        middle of Arizona, where we saw      the run – even mentioning it to
        each other for the last time on that   another driver as their qualifying
        long drive home for both of us.      round was near. They are now in
                                             the process of bringing what is
          Rest In Peace Brett Henry. We all   left of the “Iron Mistress” home
        loved your smile, positive attitude   from California. To this day, they
        and your true passion for family….   have not located Brett’s left driving
        and drag racing.                     glove or his wedding ring, in spite
                                             of efforts to do so. I must say she
          Author’s note: I had the pleasure   is as strong a person as I have ever
        of sitting down with Brett Henry’s   known in the aftermath of such       Mike Boyd in his “Winged Express” was
                                                                                  next up following Brett’s horrific crash.
        wife Laura a few weeks after the     tragedy, and I sincerely thank       Boyd exited his car, and walked up to the
        funeral. We talked about Brett,      her for spending time with me.       rear of the water box. Boyd knew how
                                                                                  serious the crash was, and stood silent in
        their family and the accident during  Excellent choice, Brett.            this very pose for nearly five minutes.

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