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Fred Lear’s perfectly restored Cardoza & Lear “Little Blue Coupe” B/Fuel dragster and the Gruzen family’s impeccable
        “Newhouse Special” Fuel Dragster represented the glory days with great pride!
        that runs deep within our nitro      Randy Gregg, Troy and Stephanie      Schneider, John Sousa and Darielle
        genealogy!                           Kinder, Mike Lemus, Alan Miller,     Moody Wiederrich. As always
                                             Ken and Marcy Naccarato, Ann         Barona track operators Daryl
          It goes without saying that Ron    Rey, Joe Rode, Kathy Said, Bill      Rustin, Rick Reynolds and their
        Johnson and Steve Gibbs’ team of
        volunteers did an outstanding job
        in making this event possible! The
        Nitro Revival staff consisted of Ron
        Johnson, Steve Gibbs, Don Ewald,
        Cindy Gibbs and Connie Braun.
        Their honorary staff members
        consisted of Jon Lundberg, Geno
        Gastelum, Art Hayward, Donny
        Irvin and Mel Deyo.

          In addition there was a host
        of others that significantly
        contributed… Jerry and Pat
        Baltes, Jeff and Cathy Crowther,
        Vic Cunnyngham, Debby Gibbs,

        38                                        Nitro Madness Magazine                                 Spring 2018
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