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In the early ‘60s, as performance   power their big-inch engines were   blessed fans and competitors alike
        increased for the stock-bodied       producing to the ground.  With       when they announced the very
        doorslammers, the NHRA began         “weight transfer” as their mantra,   exciting A/FX class to the world.
        creating new classes such as         inventive and rule-bending drag      By the following year, the cars were
        Optional Super Stock (1961)          racers began coupling an engine      becoming even more extreme and
        and Super Super Stock (1962).        setback with moving the rear end     nitromethane was finding its way
        Shackled with the then much          forward some 8-15” and the front,    into fuel tanks of most of the cars.
        skinnier rear slicks of the day      gasser/altered-style tube front axle   Once again, the NHRA, the sport’s
        with their harder compounds,         forward another 8-10”.               major sanctioning body, re-named
        competitors continued to look for      Match racing these “altered” cars  the class as ‘Experimental Stock,’
        new ways to be able to transfer the   was popular and in 1965, the NHRA  but later ceded to the ‘nickname’

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