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Steve – I’m a mechanic at a        running the previous few years,      the time I was 40, and with the
        Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram           we meaning my son Brent and          nostalgia craze ramping up, I was
        dealership in North Carolina.        myself.  I was tired of both tuning   ready to find or build one, and that
                                             and driving and even though Brent    was when I saw Jim Henry’s “Bad
          Jim – I was a tool maker for the   had been doing very well driving     News” for sale on the internet.  It
        Boeing Company and that job was      NHRA alcohol funny cars, he too      was built in the ‘80s as a tribute
        very instrumental in helping me      was looking for a change.  We both   to the real car built in 1965 by
        with engineering and design of all   like nitro cars - especially old nitro   Ted DeTar’s Performance Shop in
        things mechanical.  Later, I spent   cars - so I pulled the old tired hulk   Wichita, Kansas.  By the way, Jim
        31 years in the real estate business,   soon to be the “Big Iron” out of   helped build the car.  He was fresh
        from which I retired eight years     storage and started to refurbish it   out of high school and working for
        ago.                                                                      Ted.
                                             to its former glory.
          NMM - What gave you two the                                               NMM - What got you both
        idea to re-create this particular      Steve - I had been infatuated      interested in drag racing and when
        class of car?                        with the A/FX cars after seeing      and where did you attend your first
                                             them in a 1968 article in Hot
          Jim - The idea to put the “Big     Rod Magazine that featured the       one?
        Iron” back together again came       “new” fiberglass fliptop cars, the     Steve - The fact that drag cars
        to me in 2011 after I was getting    predecessor to the Flopper.  I was   were a work of art and would still
        somewhat bored with racing the       just 10, but fell in love with the A/  look gorgeous after a full season
        injected nitro altered we had been   FX’ers and knew I wanted one.  By                    Continued on page 45

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