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By Connell R. Miller
                                   Photos by Steven Wilson

        given to these “funny looking” cars   Steven Wilson, Jim’s “Big Iron”     and my son Brent lives in Colorado.
        by the press and the public and      and Steve’s “Bad News” are both      He drives or flies back several
        the official ‘Funny Car Eliminator’   beautiful and period-correct but    times a year for either wrenching
        came into being.                     also are raced hard – no trailer     or racing.  Wichita was perhaps

                                             queens here!  Let’s find out more    the major hub for fast altered
          Today I’m sitting down with
        two gentlemen that harbor a love     about them and their cars……          wheelbase cars in the years ‘65 to
        for that wild, mid-‘60s innovative     NMM - First of all, where do you   ’68, mainly because of Ted Detar.
        period of drag racing, Jim Henry     both live and what is your work      The cars that came out of his tiny
        and Steve Moths.  As you can tell    history?                             shop here beat the biggest names
        from the great photos of their cars                                       in racing on a regular basis.
        by ace motorsports photographer        Jim – I live in Wichita, Kansas                    Continued on page 43

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